Wow I just wrote edited and referenced a whole paper in 6 hours and I’m now on my way to hand it in. The multiple mini breakdowns were totally worth it, I’m so proud of myself

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bless that last post, the whole sex negative bandwagon, while occasionally making some good points, in general seems very puritanical and repressive and weird, and i deeply appreciate a move away from that that doesn’t encompass the incredibly gross aspects of sex-posi

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“Sex negative” and “sex positive” are relatively useless terms in terms of discussing feminist approaches to issues of sex and sexuality. The terms convey the message that “sex positivity” equals support for a vision of sex and sexuality that is defined by patriarchy and one that is primarily libertarian. What’s defined as “sex positive feminism” tends to translate to: non-critical of the sex industry, BDSM, burlesque, and generally, anything that can be related to “sex.” “Non-judgement” is the mantra espoused by so-called “sex-positive feminists,” which is troubling because it ends up framing critical thought and discourse as “judgement” and therefore negative. Since I tend to see critical thinking as a good thing, the “don’t judge me”/”don’t say anything critical about sex because it’s sex and therefore anything goes” thing doesn’t sit well with me.

“Sex negative,” on the other hand, tends to be ascribed to feminists who are critical of prostitution, pornography, strip clubs, burlesque, BDSM and, really, sex and sexuality as defined by patriarchy and men. The reason that feminists are critical of these things is because they want to work towards a real, liberated, feminist understanding of sex and sexuality, rather than one that sexualizes inequality, domination and subordination, is male-centered, and is harmful and exploitative of women. To me, that sounds far more “sex positive” (from a feminist perspective, anyway), than blind support for anything sex-related, because sex.

The divide isn’t between ‘sex negative’ and ‘sex positive’ feminists — it’s between liberal and radical feminism (via feministcurrent)
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people who complain about shows being spoiled when they’re a season behind should get kicked in the teeth, social media ain’t gonna be constrained for your precious self either catch up or shut up

what do you think about posting spoiler alerts for media that was produced a long time ago but which has a shocking twist ending?

Twin Peaks for example. Somebody angrily messaged me a while ago for spoiling the ending while theorizing in a text post. On the one hand I don’t think it’s fair to cater to people who are just “behind” in a show, but if a movie or book or tv show was produced at a time when the consumer was not born or was too young for it, what then?

i mean it’s infamously bad taste to spoil The Mousetrap for people right? but we also can’t cater to people and wait for them to catch up to modern shows?

where would you say you draw the line?

eh old shows are a bit more tricky, but it’s really the same thing. by all means people should tag what they’re talking about for a myriad of reasons, but if you’re watching an old show it’s completely ridiculous to be mad at others for discussing it, especially when it has a surprise ending because that’s obviously going to be the most discussed part.

the very nature of social media is a mass conversation on topical issues, and it’s selfish to think people should hold back on conversation because you’re days, months or decades behind. if you’re not caught up then blacklist, if it keeps getting spoiled then unfollow those people or stay off social media altogether. it’s still no one elses responsibility to keep your shows unspoiled. (intentionally spoiling things, or being inconsiderate by posting immediately without tags, are both inexcusable dick moves though)

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people who complain about shows being spoiled when they’re a season behind should get kicked in the teeth, social media ain’t gonna be constrained for your precious self either catch up or shut up

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by all means call out john green on his bullshit don’t stand for one bit of it but while you’re at it don’t throw the 13 year old girls who read his books under the bus with him for crying over fictional boys and photoshopping flower crowns onto things and blogging about their social anxiety protect them at all fucking costs

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