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aderblauen said: What’s annoying is that it’s not even MOST Americans who think these things. It’s a very dumb minority.

oh absolutely, i mean i’d never group all americans with the extraordinarily stupid amongst you, but the amount of support the GOP candidates have is very real and very scary.

it’s enormously concerning for the rest of the world that one of the most powerful and unstable countries is going to be (once again) governed by a complete imbecile bent on regressive policies that continue to ruin a once great society. i mean y’all have dragged us down with you once, how much of this shit are we supposed to put up with? it’s a level of stupidity that’s unseen anywhere else and it’s really difficult to understand why so many not only put up with it, but agree.

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i do not understand how so many Americans, with their teeth rotting out of their skulls and their wives and sisters dying in childbirth, suffering heart attacks and diabetes and strokes because of epidemic levels of obesity, can call a national health care program death to freedom.

it’s mind bogglingly idiotic. i literally cannot comprehend it because it is just such a nonsensical application of logic.

you know what happens when i get sick? i go to the doctor. i don’t worry about paying exorbitant bills and affording overpriced meds because it’s covered under Medicare. that way, i don’t get sicker. i take medication (highly subsidised if you’re poor), i get better and i spend much less money, much less government money, than i would if i were more seriously ill.

no one is forcing me to use this program. i have all the freedom i like to pay for my doctors visits, purchase private health cover or not seek treatment at all. my freedom is still alive and kicking and most of all so am i.

one time i had a UTI and i didn’t go to the doctor out of sheer inertia. it developed into a kidney infection, i was feverish and ended up vomitting blood, at which point i went to hospital. there, all my treatment and medications were paid for, no insurance forms or stress on how to pay the bills and most importantly, no suffering because i couldn’t afford the basic medical care which is a guaranteed human right.

people die needlessly in america from very very treatable ailments, such as UTI’s, abscessed teeth and the flu. access to basic health care, the same preventative care being provided by Doctors Without Borders in impoverished developing countries, could save lives. anyone who opposes equal access to medical treatment is either an ignorant sheep swallowing whatever poisonous rhetoric the GOP will shit out, or genuinely greedy and evil.

there’s no logical rationale for it.

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greedy idiots, i might add.

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Norway’s Prime Minister is a liberal atheist, they have one of the best economies in the world, they have universal health care, and subsidized education, it has had the highest Human Development Index 7 years in a row, and it’s never started a pointless war, given tax breaks to the richest, and created Jersey Shore — yet it’s America that knows best.
Matthew Trevithick, responding to this story, “Former Bush Official Places Blame For Oslo Attack On Norwegians For Not Being ‘Serious’ About Terrorism,” with a comment that wins the universe. (via marxisforbros)
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